02/02/2018 13:20

LUNCH (11;30am - 2:30pm CLOSE)

Light & Simple Lunch Course --- RM78++(per person)

WAGYU Steak Lunch Course --- RM118++(per person)

SOU Lunch Course --- RM148++(per person)

SUSHI Lunch Course --- RM168++(per person)

Special Limited Counter NIGIRI-SUSHI Course --- RM188++(per person)


DINNER (6:00pm - 9:30pm CLOSE)

SUSHI Dinner Course --- RM250++(per person)

WAGYU Shabu-Shabu Course --- RM280++(per person)

Seafood NABE Course --- RM280++(per person)

Chef's Seasonal Course --- RM330++(per person)

Special Abalone Course --- RM380++(per person)

Special TARABA-KANI (King Crab) Course --- RM400++(per person)

Special FUGU (Puffer Fish) Course --- RM420++(per person0



Only for Counter and cannot be mix with the other courses.

6 orders only per day --- RM480++(per person)